What is KAWAII contest?

The representative students of beautician schools in Japan are going to introduce Japanese "kawaii" to the world. Also, the representatives compete for the title of "Tokyo kawaii ambassador" and the champion can promote" Japanese Kawaii" to the world as the representative of country.

Overview of the contest


"日本かわいい" (Nippon Kawaii)

The qualification of work is to be able to introduce Japanese Kawaii to the world. The work has to be creative and have consistency of choosing models, hairstyles, makeup, and costumes that show model's characteristics and beauty.

"Tokyo kawaii ambassador" school representatives contest.

was held during 5/1 -7/31 in 2017 at the vocational schools

The final contest Man, September 11, 2017 Will be started at 13:30(Japanese time)
The Content This is a makeup contest for hair makeup school students and the finalists from each makeup schools are going to compete for the title of Tokyo Kawaii Ambassador.
The standard of judgement Based on theme, makeup should be fusion of costumes and hairstyles and the work has to have high techniques and impacts with model's characteristics.
Awards Award from Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and other awards.
The countries of official visits for Tokyo Kawaii Ambassador(TBD) Shanghai, China